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Our Academics

At Ascension we use multiple elements to create a curriculum that is tailored to each and every child, individually. Our very own specially created curriculum is aligned with the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards, which not only provides rigor but lessons that spark creativity. Your child will be introduced to, and in most cases  conquer the necessary milestones while in our care. Your child's day will consist of the following     
Infants & Tiny Toddlers
(8 weeks-18 months)
  • Motor Skills

  • Hand Eye coordination 

  • Making Eye Contact

  • Forming Strong and trusting relationships 

  • Movement and motion

  • Knowledge in breast milk handling and preparations   

Toddlers (1-2 year-old)
  • Self- Awareness

  • Independence 

  • Early Writing Skills

  • Fairness

  • Recognizing emotions

  • Patience

  • Following Directions

  • Respect  

  • Rote counting up to 30

  • Recognizing Uppercase Letters

  • Recognizing numerals up to 10

3 year-old
  • Achieving Goals

  • Regulating Strong Emotions

  • Analyzing and Reasoning 

  • Rote Counting Up to 100

  • Recognizing numerals 

  • Recognizing letters ( upper case & lower case ) and their sounds

  • Lower level addition and subtraction

  • Comparisons  

  • Multi-Step Directions 

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